In the beginning God created the heavens and earth.
Genesis 1:1
Earth"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made."
~John 1:1-3

Did man and every other complex, interacting system in the universe evolve from nothing over the last 12-20 billion years by a process of chance, deformities, and death, as evolutionists claim? Or was man and every other system created to exact specifications in six 24-hour days by a divine God and then cursed with death and decay due to the sin of man, as the Bible says? What difference does it make, anyway?

The Bible hinges on the creation model. If evolution is true then the Bible is false starting with the first sentence (Gen 1:1). Likewise, every one of the New Testament writers refers to the creation written in Genesis 1. If evolution is true then either Jesus lied when He claimed in Mark 10:6 ". . . at the beginning of creation God 'made them male and female.'" or He wasn't God because He didn't know about evolution (God is omniscient). If Jesus did lie then He was sinful and His death on the cross wasn't pure and didn't pay for our sins. And if evolution is true, the Old Testament and the New Testament are false, and our sins aren't paid for then we have no hope of eternal life in heaven. That's the difference it makes.

Evolution has made huge inroads into our culture, especially since Charles Darwin's book The Origin of Species (1859). Public schools, universities, and even some Christian schools are teaching evolution as fact. But does the evidence support it? Is there evidence of Creation? Can one be a Christian and believe in evolution? What are the repercussions of evolutionary thinking? What about dinosaurs? Fossils? Radioisotope dating? The "missing link"?

Christians need not worry. The Bible is true. God did create the heavens and earth in six 24-hour days. Our sins have been paid for in full. And we can rejoice in the eternal security our faith brings.

Consider the following:

At the very core of evolution is the idea that there is no God: man is just a highly evolved animal whose value is determined by it's strength. This type of thinking has lead to disastrous results in our society. Adolf Hitler was one of the most powerful evolutionist who has ever lived. While most people would see his execution of 6,000,000 people as an atrocity, the true evolutionist would have to see it as a "normal" part of the evolutionary process of natural selection (survival of the fittest). Strength based value has directly led to the socially acceptable practice of killing "weak" people who are unable to fend for themselves, ie: the old, the young, the disabled, the less intelligent. The "Recapitulation Theory", which has all but been abandoned, states that the human fetus goes through stages of evolution: First it's a protozoan, then a fish, a reptile, a bird, a primate, and finally a human. Logically one could conclude that if an abortion was performed within the first few stages then you were only killing a fish or reptile. This obviously ignores the fact that the DNA is human from conception or that a premature baby doesn't grow up to be a baboon!

It's not hard to see the ramifications of an animalistic society. There has been a systematic attack on prayer and the Bible in America's schools and the indoctrination of evolution that has escalated in the last three decades. We have convinced generations of children that they have come about by mutations and that they are nothing more than animals with no moral responsibility whatsoever. Consequently, people we don't even consider adult enough to vote are committing the most violent of acts.


The evidence points away from evolution, but many people hold onto it with great fervor anyway. Why? Partially because that's what we are taught as we grow up. Ultimately, though, it's because man is sinful and the religion of evolution grants freedom from being responsible to the true creator God.

Over the next several months we will address the issues of creation and evolution, both scientifically and Biblically. Check back to this page or the Home Page for future updates. If you have any questions or would like an issue addressed visit our Feedback Page!

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